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Our Learning Programme

Using the emergent curriculum, our educators observe, document and brainstorm children’s current interests and passions to plan the learning programme.  This can relate to one or a group of children.  As our educators see an interest “emerging” they encourage ways to facilitate this interest by providing resources and materials to help guide the child’s learning, exploration and discovery.

Portfolios are used to record your child’s learning while they attend the Centre and are a valuable memory for your child to take when leaving for school.  Children at the Centre are encouraged to look through their own portfolios which can include dated art-work, stages of development, photos, learning stories, “parent’s voice” and other forms of observation. Parents are encouraged to regularly look through their child's portfolio, and they can also be taken home overnight to share with family.

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Our all year round environment offers our children the opportunity to experience all seasons safely. Our children learn to foster warm and respectful relationships while feeling a sense of security and belonging with the freedom to explore at their own level.


Our curriculum encourages and empowers our children to learn through both free-play and programs based upon your child’s interests. Our aim is to encourage children to be self-motivated learners with the support of our cohesive and dedicated teaching team.

As a pre-school we are committed to on-going professional development to ensure we maintain a high level of quality education for both our children and their families.


Our children, parents/whānau and teaching team form a warm, rich and diverse community of learners. We seek to compliment the important role of whānau through developing respectful relationships. We value and respect your unique knowledge and contributions to our pre-school in regards to decision making around your child’s education.


As a pre-school, we recognize that our unique bi-cultural heritage is founded in the Treaty of Waitangi and that our children have a right to experience the languages, music, art and stories of the cultures of Aotearoa. We also welcome, value and respect the diversity within our pre-school regardless of ethnicity, culture, and socioeconomic status or gender differences.


Here at H.A.P.I. we value the importance of our natural environment and sustainable living. This is supported through regular excursions into our community and our edible gardens within our pre-school.