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Hundred Acre Pre-School Inc. H.A.P.I. - Wanganui Pre-School

About Us

Regularly reviewed, our centre philosophy reflects the views of our whole community – the educators, management, committee, parents, caregivers and whanau. Our statement of philosophy outlines important beliefs we hold as a pre-school, and guides us with daily and long-term future decisions. 


  • Our Philosophy embodies the principles of the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum (Te Whariki He Whariki Matauranga mo nga Mokopuna o Aotearoa - The Strands of the Woven Web for the Children of New Zealand
  • Our children, parents/whanau and the teaching team form a warm, rich and diverse community of learners
  • We recognise that our unique bicultural heritage is founded in the Treaty of Waitangi and that our children have a right to experience the languages, music, art and stories of the cultures of Aotearoa.  We welcome, value and respect the diversity within our centre regardless of ethnicity, culture, socioeconomic status or gender differences
  • We seek to complement the important role of whanau by developing respectful partnerships.  We value and respect the unique knowledge and contributions of whanau in the decision making process around their child's care and education
  • We provide an environment that fosters warm and respectful relationships where children enjoy a sense of security and belonging
  • We have an emergent curriculum that encourages and empowers children to learn through free play both independently and alongside their peers and teachers.  Children are viewed as individuals and are supported by caring adults to reach their full potential.  The programme is based on the interest of the child.  Its aim is to encourage children to be self motivated learners by creating the foundation for life long learners.  Our cohesive and dedicated teaching team provides a quality teaching and learning environment by developing and sustaining supportive staff relationships where individual and collective knowledge is shared and valued
  • We are committed to ongoing professional development and to maintaining a high level of trained and registered teachers thus ensuring we offer a high quality programme
  • We are committed to on-going centre evaluation to ensure we are meeting the needs of our children and whanau


Hundred Acre Pre School Wanganui


At Hundred Acre Pre-School, we endeavour to develop an environment where you and your child have a strong sense of belonging and feel welcome the moment you step through the door.  It is the combination of the individual children who attend – their personalities and smiles – which makes our pre-school special.

Opening Hours:

We are licensed to operate Monday to Friday – 6.45am to 5.30pm

Morning sessions operate between 6.45am and 12.30pm, while afternoon sessions commence at 12.30pm and run until 5.30pm.  A full-day crosses over the 12.30pm time slot. We offer part or full-time education and care, including casual attendance if available.

At Hundred Acre Pre-School we believe it is important to offer all options for parents, to suit your individual families needs.

We only close the centre on statutory holidays and additionally have a short close-down period of approximately one week, during the Christmas and New Year period, in which children and staff can relax and celebrate the year just been.

Staff:Child ratios:

We are committed to maintaining higher than required ratios of teachers to children, for the benefit of providing quality learning to those children who attend Hundred Acre Pre-School.  We currently operate our ratios at the following levels:

Under 2 developmental area: 4 educators: 15 children (maximum) 12 under 2's (maximum)
Over 2 developmental area: 4 educators:  23 children (maximum)

We ensure the above ratios are current at all times and extra teaches are on board as required.



All in a Day

Enjoy the visual journey and let us take you to our H.A.P.I. place.